The only constant in life is change.

After 27 years of inflicting ourselves on the greater Lansing community, my family and I are off on a new adventure. As of September 1, we will call another L-town home. Look out Ludington, here we come.

My wife has thrown herself (and her extensive talents) head long into her new role as Executive Director for the Ludington Area Center for the Arts. Can't wait to see the exciting new flavor she brings to the table!

We are humbled by the awesome outpouring of support from friends, old and new, as we embark on this next chapter. But, before you think it's safe to return to the water, please note that I will be continuing in my role as Brand Manager with CiesaDesign, serving my clients, as per usual, while cultivating new opportunities to the west.

Cheers to change!


Ford Prefect
8/20/2013 09:46:20 am

I hear that the Vogons are about to knock your home down to construct a new hyperspace bypass. Bloody Vogons!


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